“The wound” series contains four paintings that get out from “Iranian Garden” series. In fact, one of the paintings “wound flower” was the reason for the creation of this series. What viewer face is a familiar sense of disturbed situation. in the painting and inside the holes, spots of colors with unusual texture get out and red color is leaking out of holes which shows infected wounds. These paintings show wounds without any considerations. In fact, “wound” is an image. A familiar picture for all people in history. The sense is a detail of body and the wounds are repeated in it and the background color symbolize the body skin. But the repetition of wound in these works, face the viewer with conceptual and minimalist characteristic and this cause a real and virtual picture for viewers. The idea of repetition of an object out of the frame happened for the first time and in “Persian carpet” turns to the main trait that has a specific identity in “wide-shut”.