“Free zone” series is like simulation of people’s portrait (actually young Iranian ladies) and the repetition of these people’s profile avatars that are used excessively in virtual world – face book for instance. Painting of this series are praising media as one of the most important part of these days’ life. In fact, I entered media art worlds through these paintings. By entering this area, I obliged myself to present documentary paintings and present real status on canvas. So, I chose my picture frames based on young ladies’ avatar pictures. Also the colors were compatible with my patterns. Virtual world- face book- gives us the opportunity to show pictures based on our attitude and taste. In fact, I was intended to show the power of face book in bestowing freedom (even so little) to people. Something that is not possible for Iranian women in the real world. Furthermore, unlike infantry paintings that had harmony in form and content, “free zone” pictures had lots of challenges in form and content; because my painting style was limitless and with numerous brush hit on canvas, and contained excitement which is compatible with young ladies faces. In fact, my portrait painting style is more consistent with men faces, specifically in exaggerated, deformed and old cases. Painting young ladies’ faces was just due to my loyalty to this style and giving value to media. In other word, in the company of form and content, form has lost its importance and content gains more value. I can say, only in this series I experienced such style, and in my other paintings form and content have the same value.

The other issue about these artworks, is inquiring a question. Asking about “fair art” and “conceptual art” concepts. With all the description that I had about the lack of form in these paintings, but my paintings are still consistent with great ancient masters of art style and experience. Painting styles are handed to us from great masters and now has universal features. I still owe myself to these traditions and consider them as form and aesthetic credit in my artworks. Therefore, in “free zone” ,quality and form represent “fair art” . in fact, most of the visitors felt suspicion, surprise, shock and disappointment. Disappointment from the artist.  I predicted their reaction before opening the fair, as the visitors were well familiar with my style, and they knew how important is painting for me and didn’t guess things like these in their imagination. None of them could imagine an artist’s great painting style present such a shallow and common subject. But I just wanted my visitors ask themselves “ what is the problem exactly?” my skill and technic? Does the artist fail to perform or the problem is something else? Should the subjects be as great as the artist’s great acts? Do “fair arts” differ from “conceptual art”? is the surprise of seeing these artworks because of their” suddenness”? and is this what we call “modern art”?