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Following fourth period paintings, I draw some figurative works that has critical, social view in their content. These works that had lots of changes to get their final shape, showed my view toward the weak structure of Iranian society and the common pains among people. In these works, men, women and children are standing in a miserable condition with a fearful and shocked looks, seems they are lonely and without any support, waiting for someone to save them. But, “symbolic narration” and “image” are main achievements of figurative works (in this period) that I used them in the next periods. In fact, “symbolic narration” and “image” are correlated. In these works, the human figures state is a symbol of Iranian society condition in the recent four decades; and the feeling of insecurity, fear and supportive behavior of people create an image that keeps these works away from any impression. In fact, the figures are the actors of a play created in the mind of artist and are symbols of social, cultural and political condition of Iran.

“Symbolic narration” that is the first period of my works and I experienced it with “Eternal questions” and “the wounded birds”, is a kind of narration, shown through art, along the real life and has its existence from history or the current events and turned its content into visual metaphors. Since, for a long time paintings with historical, religious and mythical subjects were replaced by visualization; “symbolic narration” is one of the most effective ways in retelling humanistic issues in narrative form, because artist can make personal symbols based on his understanding of history and his personal experiences. Therefore, the capability of “symbolic narration” is more in expanding art and make it independent from mass media; as the news about all events of the world, spread in a short time.

In fact, as in relation with mass media and other conceptual art, painting is a slow media, “symbolic narration” and “image” can make the work immortal and compensate this slowness. So, in this way painting can live along with other media. In these paintings the artist can create his own personal images. “image” is a picture that can be expanded in its own profile during time. Creating image was began from the first period of my work and continued in fifth and sixth periods, but in this period I noticed my preference in doing it. In the fourth period, I thought that creating image has always been a duty for artists and this indirect way of showing it, guarantees art and is a criterion for giving value to it and saves it from direct expression.