After graduating from M.A, I showed the first series that had been completed in my mind, it is named” eternal questions” and is consisted of some drawings with print and collage technique. It was done in 1380 and was exhibited in Laleh Art Gallery.

Since doing these drawing till now, destruction and drawing, collage and improvisation were the three fixed characteristics of my works. From my past experiences and by doing above works, it seemed to me that these characteristics are compatible with my spirit. In fact, it has not been replaced by any other method and after many years I understood that the form and concept of these characteristics are in harmony with recent non-linear and comprehensive life style.

Regarding technique, with roller and ink, some random textures were made on white or patterned paper and then I cut some of them and stick them on the work.

At that time, I found some tendencies in myself that have been continued till now.

I think it can be called “symbolic narrative”- a shadow of an event was shaping in mind that was getting a more complete shape, step by step. In fact, human issues were my main tendency. From the human relations to fundamental issues and ontological hierarchy. Therefore, it seemed to me that such challenges should be shown in my works, so as, my viewers face with questions instead of answers. That was what I considered fundamental.

And one of my favorites from university time, was exaggerating human condition and dramatic atmosphere, that was because of my interest to theater. Players express themselves in an exaggerated way. I think theater is a symbolic form of life, in which daily issues and complicated human items are mixed together. It seems that, this situation is caused by suspension. In fact, in order to keep the distance with real matters, suspension is important in theater.

In “eternal questions” a main narrative form is present in front of us and keeps going. What Is happening is a symbol of what people have made for themselves.

The challenge of power and omitting the other, absurdity, uncertainty, nonsense, alienation, emptiness, greed, illusion, narcissism, hypocrisy and ,… have been repeated for many years and it seems human beings are not able to understand their real situation. Therefore, these works are sad and depression are set inside them. In most of these drawings, human figures are performing rituals that shows emphasize the dramatic aspect of the works.

All together, “eternal questions” is a set with conceptual aspect that consider the forms at the same time.