“ Gray” series is definitely the first series of paintings that have been done and shown in the fourth period (Tarahan Azad gallery-1385). This tittle was chosen a few years after the performance and exhibition of the series. The artworks of this series were shown with some other works of “the notes” together (it was the first officially exhibition of “the notes” in Tehran galleries). The artworks of “the notes” were actually achromatic (a combination of black and white colors) that totally have two subjects. First, drowning of human kind in water that was originated from my own experience of drowning and surviving in that year. And the second one was the romantic relation with animals- horses specifically- that was my favorite subject since my childhood. Regarding form, this series contains my last adaptation of historical resources: figures statics and artworks aesthetics, which shows the effects of archaic arts on my artworks that is still present in my works.