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The second period of my work was devoted to abstract paintings that were started as summer 1383 and continued till the mid of 1384. This period is considered as a turning point in my life, as one of the most important accomplishment of my painting was achieved then.

During 1382-83 most of my paintings were toward a dark space with melancholia theme. Among these experiments and at the heart of a figurative painting, I understood that as I try for presenting nature, I face with non-objective forms and shapes. After some challenges, I decided to stop objective presentation, and do as the painting asks me to do. Thus, for the first time, I was involved in an atmosphere that I hadn’t experienced before. It seemed to me that I am entering into different layer of space- or meaning- that wasn’t familiar to me. As the time passed, the relation between visual elements and creating harmony among different parts became important for me, and creating art, without using objective elements. Accidently, while working, a real shape appeared, and when I defined it, I changed the tableau direction and resumed the work with the previous relations. So, I entered a world that had its own picture and also, it was a good means of presenting feelings and emotions. My understanding was that I was entering to the abstract world more and more, that is both frightening and full of joy. For the first time, I was  feeling that I am creating a scenery that belongs to me and I can show whatever I want and imagine.

The important thing for me was that, the new situation fit my internal feelings. As my emotions and feelings were matched more with this method. An experience that was possible only on the canvas. Technically, the above paintings- and other similar works- were a good field to show destruction, drawing, improvising and collage.

At the end, when the painting was over, no specific subject from the real world can be seen. So, my first abstract painting was done. An important point that I want to mention as my turning point, is creating shapes and pictures that were presented in my artworks through abstract paintings.

After the first experience and passing a year, I drew some abstract painting, and some of them were shown in Laleh gallery in 1385. In fact, the exhibition was held to introduce the form of my paintings that is the essence of abstract- and still is.