“still life” series is the second series of the fourth period that contains drawing with still life and monotype technic subjects (using carbon paper). This was the first exhibition of my artworks with this technic that were exhibited in Laleh gallery (1386). I don’t know whether this exhibition was the first still life exhibition in Iran or not, as I don’t have enough information about it, but I know it is one of the rare drawing of this subject. But more than anything else, the variety of opinion is seen in this series, and of course the most important characteristic is the mystic in them that make us not to consider them as shallow and repeated subjects around us.

It seems that in each of this series ‘s works, a story is hidden and the silence in the patterns is like the peace before the storm. Therefore, despite the name “still life”, there are great differences between these works and still life genre, and I didn’t consider still life objects as neutral and feeling less  things around us.